Zuma claims he’s being persecuted ‘day and night’ over Brics bank idea

Former president Jacob Zuma has claimed that he is being persecuted because he had introduced the idea of a Brics bank in order to liberate poor countries from the World Bank. 

On Friday, Zuma will know whether his fraud, corruption and money laundering charges emanating from the late 90s arms deal will proceed or not. 

Delivering a memorial lecture of the late Zimbabwe former president Robert Mugabe in Newcastle, northern KwaZulu-Natal on Thursday, Zuma told hundreds of ANC supporters that even though he helped South Africa to join Brics, the current administration under his successor Cyril Ramaphosa was not active in this international body. 

“After joining Brics I came up with the idea that it should have its own bank because poor countries were getting into more and more financial trouble by borrowing from the World Bank.


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