Zola Nombona’s Sweet Shoutout To BFF Busi Mtshali

Zola Nombona’s Sweet Shoutout To BFF Busi Mtshali! A couple of days ago, Zola celebrated her birthday combined with her baby shower surrounded by her loved ones.

Whilst the world is trying to figure who the baby’s father is, Zola took to Instagram to appreciate her BFF Busisiwe Mtshali for being there for her in all seasons.

“To my spinal cord. My baby daddy. The Head girl. Zinyo. Your selflessness, your drive to make others feel loved and special leaves me in awe. I’m so blessed to have a partner like you. From coming to your place to literally just cry and eat (although you laugh at me) you rub my back tell me all is going to be ok and make me whatever food I want. You love my baby so hard that I go home feeling crampy ngoba all you do is rub, kiss, talk to and sometimes squeeze my belly. ALL THE TIME. You always remind me that I’m carrying your little bestie. We love you Aunty Busi and thank you for being my rib, my other lung and my heart,” Zola gushed over Busi.

Busisiwe also took to her own page to celebrate the baby on the way writing, “What a Lucky little baby to be surrounded by so much love.. My friend I’m sooo PROUD OF YOU!! You and I till the day we die wena skeem sam.. I Love you MaMashiya.. @znombona ♥️♥️ (Guuuurrrrllll!!! We HAVING A BABY.”