Wife’s sneaky plan to tape up all the food backfires

Sick of her husband’s eating habits, Tammy Johnson took drastic measures. In a last-ditch attempt to stop her spouse Thomas Johnson from raiding their grocery cupboard and fridge, she hatched a plan one night.

While waiting for her husband to fall asleep, the Stockport, UK, resident borrowed her brother’s electrical tape and proceeded to tape up all the snacks in their home. To sweeten the deal, she even went as far as setting a mousetrap, complete with a small piece of chocolate.

Tammy’s daughter, Aimee Carr, posted it Facebook, writing: “My mum got drunk last night and woke up this morning and realised she’s taped the sausage rolls together and taped the cheese up so that my step-dad won’t eat them???

“She also set up a mouse trap with biscuits and sweets in it to try and trap him. What is this woman.”

Fed up with Thomas’s refusal to stop snacking, Tammy told The Mirror: “My husband had gone up to bed before. We’d been taking the mickey out of my husband because he basically just eats anything in his sight.”