Why people send nudes, leaking private photos is a ‘crime’

By Gordon Opiyo

On Nudes, let us be honest….. You find yourself sending photos. It is something to do with love hormones.

Let me technical…
“Oxytocin is a peptide hormone and neuropeptide. It is normally produced in the hypothalamus and released by the posterior pituitary. It plays a role in social bonding and , sexual reproduction.”

When hormone is released, one stops reasoning. That is why you get someone walking through valleys full of Leopards going to get a girl. That is why you try stop someone from seeing someone, she says no.

The hormone makes one do stupid things.
It is treasonable to leak things that were shared in moments of release of love hormone Oxytocin.

Anyone who does that should be hanged in Uhuru Park.
As Gov Lonyangapuo says, wacha watu wapendane walambane…. Bila kuogopa leaks.

The reason people are still playing games “eti Twitter FBI” is because they have never seen what a pandemic looks like. Some of us who have been dealing with Health related media work have seen things. If you see documentaries on how Ebola wiped out people in Congo and Sierra Leone, you would not be laughing laughing around, trolling Brenda and Brian.

If you watch documentaries about millions dying due to Spanish Flu in 1918, you will stop taking things lightly.

Ask yourself why Japan, next door to China has very few cases compared to other countries? Japan has gone through Hell and back. The Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombs taught them value of public awareness and private responsibility.

SARS and other viral attacks taught them about individual responsibility.
Right now in Japan, nearly everyone is on the N95 Medical Mask. There is social distancing, there is hygiene.
This game of having doubts about everything is not healthy.
We are at war

That is why countries with generations that have never seen war, always think that everything is a joke. In Rwanda, Hakuna mchezo, because they know what mass death is.
The President and his team have no reason to lie. In any case, those of you that read Business Daily Newspaper will know that the top billionaires have lost more than 150 billion shillings in one month. So, Why would he lie and play games. Wewe Ume poteza job ya 10k, Na unajifanya mjuaji. Kina Uhunye wame lose150 billion.

We seriously need a radical shift in our mentality and attitude . We need to see this Corona attack as a big war.

Finally I just wish Health TV would be made available on Free to Air TV, so that everyone sees what Pandemics can do. It starts with 1. Then goes to 100, then 10,000, then a million.
This thing is not a joke.