We are sure its Mariam Kighenda’s vehicle, the Kenya navy will retrieve it- Col. Oguna

Government spokesperson colonel Cyrus Oguna says a multi-agency team deployed to retrieve the bodies of Mariam Kighenda and that of her 4-year-old daughter have spotted Kighenda’s Toyota Isis in the Indian Ocean in Likoni.

Oguna, however, says they are not sure if the mother-and-daughter’s bodies are in the vehicle.

Oguna made the announcement on Wednesday 7pm at the Likoni Ferry channel, where he addressed journalists.

“At 3pm today [Wednesday, October 9], we announced that we had sighted an object in the sea that resembles a car.

“We have screened the exact spot where the object is, and I can authoritatively say that it is Mariam Kighenda’s vehicle. We have managed to read the registration plate number; it is KCB 289C.

“We want to assure Kenyans that the multi-agency team, led by the Kenya Navy, that the vehicle has been spotted. As of now, we cannot say with authority that Mariam’s body and that of her daughter are in the vehicle.

“Tomorrow [Thursday, October 10], when we will retrieve the vehicle from the sea, we would establish whether the bodies are in it, or not.

“The car-removal exercise will begin at 9am. We are hopeful that by 2pm or 3pm we will be speaking a different language,” said Oguna.


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