USA and Europe evacuating citizens from Kenya, sign of doom? Coronavirus revolution?

By Jerome O

The US tops the world, with close to 100k confirmed COVID-19 cases
Kenya has 31
Of course there could be more yet to be confirmed, because as a country the only department that runs efficiently in Kenya, is corruption and our healthcare system has always been sick
Again there could be many more because we are rarely correct with figures, if the last three elections are anything to go by.

The US has sent a plane (currently at JKIA) to evacuate it’s citizens
Does the evacuation sound logical? When citizens are being evacuated from a relatively peaceful country, to a war zone, back home, the population of the country the citizens are being evacuated from, must be very afraid, because it could be so real that the prevailing peace is predictably as temporary as an ‘erection’.

Maybe someone has predicted doomsday for Kenya over this COVID-19 thing. He could be right, and the fear is based on facts or it could be based on panic and paranoia
Or there could “something eating another” also called “kitu inakula ingine”

Meanwhile ex Kiambu governor Kabogo has dismissed Uhuru’s austerity measures, he thinks government should do more to cushion the poor especially in the slums if 100% lockdown is to work, otherwise it will trigger a revolution.

Health CAS Mercy Mwangangi yesterday announced that Kenya has confirmed three more coronavirus cases, bringing the national tally to 31. Initially it was the president announcing new cases then it became the CS and now it is the CAS
Apparently, as cases escalate, we climb down the hierarchy of power, in terms of who announces new cases
They are now becoming too common and anyone who excelled in series and sequence, a topic in primary mathematics, will tell you that it won’t be long before new cases will be announced by a mukasa the village elder or even nyumba kumi
For those who may not know who nyumba kumi is, this was a national government plan to incorporate every village crook and idler into the system

Meanwhile good morning everyone. Today I wish everyone a good morning because the line between hoof eaters and beef eaters has suddenly disappeared and now we are one
We are all united in trembling, like a leaf of the white aspen
We are one, aren’t we?