Uhuru, Cartels worried, Coronavirus may trigger a bloody revolution

Is Uhuru held hostage by graft networks or he fears triggering a revolution?

It appears Kenya’s thriving corruption networks and stark social inequalities have prevented a total lockdown to mitigate the threats posed by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Clearly, the Jubilee Govt is presently held hostage by deeply rooted and very organised criminal enterprises masquerading as genuine businesses (KEPSA, KAM, KNCCI, MOA, etc). EACC have previously said approximately a third of Kenya’s State Budget is lost to graft. That’s Sh1 trillion out of a Sh3 trillion budget!!!😥

Added to that is the reality that declaring a total national lockdown is tantamount to opening the floodgates for a people’s revolution because the vast majority of Kenyans live hand to mouth, have no health insurance, no social security and whose children are not assured of higher education. These are people who will simply not sit at home and starve to death, corona or no corona!

Just as when majority of Kenyans were mixing unsafe concoctions of surgical spirit and Jik bleach disinfectant in bid at homemade sanitizers to protect their loved ones, tragically because they cannot afford KeBS approved sanitizers that were last week retailing for between Sh1000 and Sh1500 a bottle, business magnate Chris Kirubi had no absolutely no qualms “taking advantage of Coronavirus uncertainties” to spend a staggering Sh3 billion to purchase controlling shares in an investment company he owns. The same Kirubi just finished building one of Africa’s largest shopping malls, the Two Rivers, conservatively worth an eye-tearing Sh16 billion!

Whilsts the majority of us on the other hand are wondering what we will eat tonight and the days that follow, and unlike us, few at the top seem least worried about rent arrears or where to take their families because no the landlord appears at their door each morning accompanied by militia carrying crude weapons to threaten to carry out a threat to throw them out and locks the doors. This is a daily ritual for majority others since this Corona crisis started. Livelihoods have been destroyed overnight.

Companies are laying off workers as the presidency purports to take a 80% pay cut, while saying nothing about the astronomical Sh12billion annual vote for State House which is just a division of the Office of the President which has another multi-billion vote.

If the Corona crisis passes, the good news is Kenya shall never be the same again. Never mind Kirubi’s road to mind boggling wealth is littered with numerous collapsed state owned enterprises. Never mind the negligible pay cuts expressed in percentages for newspaper headlines.