The Truth shall set us: Debunking five mainstream lies

By Mtumishi Cyprian Nyamwamu

“ _No one is going to give you the education you need to overthrow them. Nobody is going to teach you your true history and your true heroes because they know that knowledge will help set you free._ ”
~ Assata Shakur~

1. That anyone who demands that ODM and NASA MPs hold the Jubilee government accountable is asking Raila to oppose the Jubilee Government. Not true! Raila is not a Member of Parliament. However, We pay MPs a salary, ALL MPs even Jubilee MPs, to carry out oversight and provide checks and balances for the executive and Judiciary. We don’t pay Raila to do this. Raila’s let down is worse. Raila is a Co-President with Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto. He has joined the other side.

2. That Raila is not the only one who should oppose gvt. That those who are not happy with Uhuru, Ruto and Raila’s policies as citizens can now also form parties oppose gvt and take over from Raila. This is a foolish one. Let them then call for a fresh election. Then all NASA MPs should resign so that individuals who are capable and willing to oppose Jubilee’s and Raila’s cynical policies come back to Senate and NA as MPs. Omtatah as Senator of Busia instead of Amos Wako, Cyprian Nyamwamu as Senator of Kisii instead of Sam Ongeri, Boniface Mwangi for Starehe etc. We have a full list for all 290 constituencies and 47 counties. You are seated in Parliament earning as MP rubber stamping poison to kill all of us meanwhile mocking us to oppose gvt. We never stopped opposing, it’s MPs who have sold our country and children to Uhuruto and China.

3. Ruto is the most corrupt man in Kenya. Then why has he not been jailed? Because Uhuru is the God Father of deep Corruption. He can not jail Ruto because he will follow him. Rigging elections is the worst strain of Corruption. True? Ruto is very corrupt but he is licensed by the big man.

4. That the Handshake is for Kenya’s good; for uniting Kenya. No. It is for aiding Uhuru and Raila’s enrichment through VAT on fuel 8%, Housing Levy etc; and to help Uhuru-Raila-Gideon Moi 2022 power formulae. Uhuru may come back as executive PM;
There is no official war against corruption in Kenya. We all know this. KTM Redvests, a citizens led initiative with the religious led National Dialogue Conference effort are
the only citizens efforts against corruption. Raila Governors are the doyens of corruption in Kenya. What Uhuru is doing is that he has weaponized the anti-corruption rhetoric to weaken Ruto’s Tanga Tanga menace. That I like. But we are not fooled that it is corruption that is being fought. Ruto should not complain because he helped the Mt K mafia to demonize Raila hence facilitate rigging of elections. It’s his time to ingest a dose of his own medicine. But he is not the most corrupt man. He is arrogant, blatant, vindictive and bitter. Not wise at all that Dr Kamwerer.

The current hard tackling is good for uniting Kenyans with the intention of liberating Kenya in an effort to wipe all of them including Raila out of dealership. Remember these are Dealers not Leaders. Kenya Tuitakayo is doing a great job initiating the revolution. That Bunge should be the first to be retired for refusing to represent our people.

5. The Fifth lie goes as follows: that those who voted for Uhuru should not complain. Just eat your tomatoes in silence. Also leave Baba to eat in silence. What a sick lie! First of all what is Baba eating in silence? Uhuru is not in office because he was given an electoral mandate. No. Only 20% voted on October 26. Uhuru is in office because of the Handshake. Let it sink. I voted for RAO three times, 2007,2013, 2017 August. We have argued that RAO was rigged out in all those three elections by the electoral Commission and deep State. So RAO supporters better make up their mind on which narrative to narrate.. Did Uhuru win elections through Kumira Kumira votes, or he rigged and begged Raila for a second term in exchange for a deep State endorsement for RAO as President in 2022? Did the Police disrupt the RAO Uhuru Park Swearing-in? How come?

Raila shook hands to stop the killings of his supporters by the State in 2007, however in the 2018 Handshake, RAO made a 2022 deal with Uhuru. To give him a second term so that Raila finally becomes President with the Deep State’s/Uhuru’s support as Uhuru becomes PM Putin style. Hence the BBI and their proposed constitution reforms. Raila is a Co-President with Uhuru and Ruto. He is part of our Kenyan problem. He is launching Huduma Namba, forcing his party MPs to tax us 8% VAT on oil products not refined in Kenya etc. Raila is in power in Kenya. If you don’t know that Baba is a Co-President you are ignorant. Uhurus impunity in Kenya is founded on Raila’s endorsement and the Handshake which gave Uhuruto a second term. Without the Handshake, Uhuru will not be President in Kenya.. Secession, economic collapse everything which he couldn’t rig had made it impossible for Uhuru to govern. Kumira kumira voters don’t come out to vote for Uhuru but against Raila. That is why there was no turn out on October 26 2017.The

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