The help meet question

By Sharon Debra vai fb

The notion of helpmeet from Genesis looks like only the woman is a helpmeet, far from the Truth, every Christian received a task from God for which they’d render account at the Judgment seat of Christ. Recall the scripture that says there’s neither male nor female in Christ? The man is as much a helpmeet to the woman, as woman is to the man. This goes out to any man who feels intimidated by women who’ve stepped up to be effective in ministry or in the marketplace. You have something in you that can help them become in their area of purpose.A question to your ego is this; what are you giving the woman to help and submit to, Let’s take the Example of Jesus. He pursued us, Showed us how to walk in His will and Word, laid His life down for us, paid our debt of sin, rose from the dead to give us new life, He raised us and seated us in the heavenlies and He has made us Joint heirs and that’s something to submit to, that’s something worth to help share with others. Your direction is a very key question. To play the part of Jesus in any relationship is superhuman it is something that cannot be possibly accomplished without God’s guidance and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

It also goes out to Ladies/women who imagine God will crown them for the perfect helpmeet they were to their husband’s who’re powerful men from God or successful business men.No sweetie, their direction as your husbands should help you Pursue your God purpose fully. Their direction plays a big role because you’ll be submitting under it as you Become. You need to Arise, Become and pursue the Kingdom purpose you were called to, by this I don’t mean your husband must be a Pastor or Apostle to achieve this haha no, thrive where he’s planted becoming who God created you to be. You are a team that must work in Unison. Don’t put your life on standby with no definate thing worth dying for, Pursue your God given purpose, you became one, you now operate as two hearts beating as one. Each of you shall give an account, arise and Shine. Fulfilling Kingdom Mandate types of relationships and Marriages.

With so much Love,

Her Highness👑


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