Singer Lexy Panterra on her new record, fitness brand and living her best life

Singer Lexy Panterra, Image: Supplied

Back and better than ever! Singer-songwriter Lexy Panterra, who rose to fame through her highly popular dance videos on YouTube, has made a major move in her music career. Lexy dropped her E.P. “A Gemini Valentine” on January  31, and debuted the music video for her single “Want Him Now” on February 14, in honor of Valentine’s Day.

The musician – who is known for being a fitness inspiration to her 2.6 million Instagram followers and 2.13 million YouTube subscribers around the world – is bursting with creativity, and used her passion for dance and maintaining an active lifestyle to develop her fitness brand, LexTwerkOut.

Fellow celebrities can’t get enough of Lexy’s innovative workout method, and she has taught stars like Mel B, Karrueche Tran, Snoop Dogg, Tiny, Tamar Braxton, Christina Milian, and many more! 

Lexy also enjoys a successful career as an independent artist, making bold and ambitious moves in the industry. You can also watch her star on Netflix’s show [email protected], which airs in South Africa!

As for Lexy’s latest record? “A Gemini Valentine” is full of catchy hits that you’ll be playing on repeat all day and all night! GLAMOUR exclusively spoke to Lexy about her new tunes, fitness tips, and future plans for 2020!

GLAMOUR: What inspired you to start your fitness empire LexTwerkOut?

Lexy Panterra: I saw the lack of confidence and women. I wanted to change that. I think we need to embrace what we have and make it our best possible version! 

GLAMOUR:What are your goals for it and how do you hope to continue to see it grow?

LP: I would love to see it become more of a franchise brand where we can have LTO Fitness in gyms and dance studios all around the world. Also, I would love to expand our brand and develop the endless possibilities we have in mind! We want to gather more LTO instructors  as well. Who wants to learn some cardio dance through movement?!

GLAMOUR:How do you feel empowered through dance and moving your body? 

LP:By being my crazy, best self!

GLAMOUR:What is your current workout routine?

LP:Currently I’m on the road and working so much. It’s hard! I have my personal trainer, but when I can, I hit a twerk class as well. That class always kept me in the best shape! But when I’m with my trainer, I do a lot of circuit training, using bands and low weights. 

Singer Lexy Panterra, Image: Supplied

GLAMOUR:You’re on the road a lot performing and attending events. How do you stay active and make time for fitness despite having such a busy schedule? 

LP:I bring my bands everywhere I go, and I can always have a twerkout session in a room! I also stick to shakes and light foods throughout the day.

GLAMOUR: What’s something most people wouldn’t know about you? 

LP:I love eating terrible food in my bed . My bed is my favorite place to eat omg!  

GLAMOUR:Your EP is amazing. What inspired your song-writing process this time around?

LP:Thank you, xoxo! I tend to write about my relationships either real or in my head, mostly real ones and some exaggerated here and there.

GLAMOUR:How do you deal with having a love life in the spotlight?

LP:I try to fall in love when nobody’s looking. 

Singer Lexy Panterra, Image: Supplied

GLAMOUR:How have you taken your dating experiences and turned them into your art? 

LP:Well, it’s basically like a journal with melodies. Add a microphone and a voice with some passion and intention, and it’s a song!

GLAMOUR:What was your favorite behind-the-scenes part about shooting the video for “Want Him Now?”

LP:It’s always the Craft Services on set. Nothing can make me more excited about the food on set! But on a real note, my whole team killed it. I’m proud of them. My favorite scene was the bed scene

GLAMOUR:Who is your dream collaborator? 

LP:I don’t have one. I really want to focus on my personal sound and music. But if something happens naturally, I’m open to see! 

GLAMOUR:What else do you have coming out this year we can look forward to?  

LP:Music and music videos and performances and LTO Fitness Camp the last week in July! But you have to follow me to see! “A Gemini Valentine” is now available for streaming and for purchase.

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