Shalima Mkongi hits the big screen

“And to Showmax, thank you for opening up the industry to more diverse stories like Rage.”

Preparing for her gritty role was no walk in the park as she had to look at different areas of inspiration to embody the complexities of being Sihle.

Mkongi watched popular HBO series Euphoria which deals with mental health and drug abuse, as well as Midsommar which carries similar themes with Rage.

“Sihle is very young in comparison to me, but I have siblings her age, so I really took the time to find out what interests them in this new era we’re in. I had to look at what influences teenagers, how do they speak to themselves and relate to other people around them. I had a lot of fun finding her.”

While becoming the character may have been a joy, Mkongi shares that the most taxing part of all was putting in the work. In an unprecedented feat, the movie was completed in just two weeks while Mkongi wished she could have had time to sink her teeth into the role.

With the flick doing its rounds on Showmax this week, Mkongi hopes audiences will welcome the different narratives and characters in the programs that they watch.

“It’s okay to diversify a cast without that being the driving marketing force behind the film. Rage is a fun movie, don’t forget to have fun when you’re telling your stories,” she says.

While the current coronavirus outbreak has affected her other plans, Mkongi has put a performance art piece on ice that will incorporate dance.

“I want to also get back to creating content around mental health through the medium of film, performance art, and my music.”