Senator Sakaja tells Nairobi residents to support Governor Sonko in his work

Fellow Nairobians we are a multi ethnic county and we need to factor that in our day to day business. We must first and foremost accept that we are led by his excellency governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko. I am therefore requesting people to give him time and support for him to deliver. I am also concerned about the fact that there has been conflicts between the county assembly members and some members (MCA’S) sometimes disagree over issues they can solve themselves. This is unhealthy for the growth and development of the Nairobi county. I here hereby request the parties involved to cease fire and engage constructively for the sake of the county and it’s citizenry.

I indeed appreciate the place of the handshake but at the same time I feel that this should not cloud our judgment to forget the issues facing Nairobians. This is because some are taking advantage of the same and thus using the same to blackmail the governor on issues of service delivery and the quest for appointments to various positions. I hereby urge the governor to work on issues of integrity , accountability and transparency when it comes to setting up a formidable to transform the city. It is the collective responsibility of every elected leader as well as appointed to see to it that the city in the sun regains it’s lost glory. Take for instance the issue of environment, we expect every leader to take a leading role in seeing to it that illegal dumping does not occur within the areas under their jurisdiction. All leaders (MCA’S)must work with the governor as a way of exhibiting inclusive responsibility instead of fighting him to better the city. From the senator to the mps to the MCAs we expect a united Nairobi County leadership for a prosperous city.
As a leader and resident of Nairobi I am very much aware of the potential of the city and how the same link to the big four agenda by the president and so I feel strongly that we should strive as much as possible to put our best feet forward to support the president in achieving the same and this is only clear when there is no infighting or doubt by the people on the ability of the governor. I hereby want to demystify the issue being peddled around that the governor is not performing by saying that the county is on the right track and there are several projects in place to exhibit this assertion. Some including the fixing of roads, hospitals, schools and recently the work which is ongoing in the stadiums (Dandora stadium)across the county.
I therefore appeal to Nairobians to support the governor in his work and his team for them to deliver on their manifesto and the promises they made to Nairobians.
As for the cartels, we are watching and your days are numbered.
God bless Nairobi County 🙏.


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