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Rev Lucy Natasha in her jet (Instagram)

Gorgeous  Nairobi Preacher, Reverend Lucy Natasha has finally revealed where she gets her money after being on the limelight over her flashy lifestyle.

Speaking during an interview, Rev Natasha disclosed that her expensive lifestyle is financed by well-wishers.

Adding that apart from well-wishers, she is also an entrepreneur and author.

” Most of the time when you see us in private jets and business class, I am invited around the world as an international conference speaker and some will invite you and pay tickets for you,” She said.

“I have traveled over 50 nations preaching the word of God for 12 years, people will pay private jets, business class tickets, and the source of my income, as a ministry we have partners across the world that support what do that’s reaching out to people with the gospel of God, also am an author I write books and sell which helps to finance my lifestyle .”

Rev. Lucy Natasha acquires brand new private jet (Instagram)

She went on to say that there is nothing wrong as a preacher to use private jets as a means of transport since they have to reach out to different people across the world.

“There is nothing wrong boarding a private jet since it’s the fastest means of transport,” she said.


Source of wealth

A few months ago, Rev Natasha also revealed that her source of wealth.

“We have a group of people who believe in what we do from the meetings, the conferences, and revivals. The thousands of people that have been touched. We have partners that watch our services, those that attend Miracle Mondays and those that watch from around the world. I am also an author of more than 12 books, I am an entrepreneur so there are multiple streams of income,” she explained.


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