Relebogile Mabotja shares different ways to love yourself this Valentine’s Day

Award winning media personality Relebogile Mabotja talks love on Valentine’s Day. 

We all need Erre to breathe. But whilst that is the case, we all need love to live. We can all share a good story of a bad Valentine… But we won’t. We will share
the love we do have. In all forms and feelings and expressions.

Love of Love 

The idea of love and love itself can be worlds apart. Whilst one can be the hope for fantasies in real life, the other can be the reality of pleasant surprises in the ugliest of moments where love is not pretty. It just is. Beautifully real it is.

Love of Self 

The hardest and deepest of them all. For some it’s spoken words not actually felt. For others it’s thoughts not actually expressed. The most important love of all that really dictates the love of all else and all others.

Love of Beard 

What is it about hair? Or anything that grows from us and is constantly felt and desired? What is it about it wanting to be caressed? To be groomed and stroked… Be it on the face, on the head or down below, these natural extensions of self are expression…

Love of Pink 

Underneath the tones and palettes of skin and colours, we find we are all pink inside. No matter who we are. No matter how we are. No matter where we are. We are all pink. We are all same and we are all love.

Love of Joy 

Whilst chasing happiness in the midst of pain, exhaustion, hopelessness, despair and general adulting, we delight in the moments of utter joy. Even better when they are spent with the one you adore….

Love of Skin 

How great it is to find oneself in the freedom of one’s own skin. The few moments untouched and unphased by shame and cold. Whilst exposed to the dangers of the world and of the heart, our very first outfit in this world remains one of our greatest physical fascinations. Your outer shell and protector yet soft, sensitive, intense and beautiful. You learn to love it with its evolving stages and learn to love it even more when touched, kissed, caressed and worshipped. But mostly
you love it when it’s yours next to mine…

Designer: Erre  

Photographer: Francois Pistorius  

Relebogile love interest: Ofentse Boloko

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Location: Milner Fashion House