Raila’s NINE LIVES that makes DP Ruto bitter, angry and paranoid

Many have written off Raila only to be surprised by the turn of events, the son of Jaramogi, a mechanical engineer per excellence and Kenya’s Supreme Leader is perhaps the 9th wonder of the world that is yet to be recognised, sample these:

1. In 1982 Raila was accused of plotting coup that was topple dictator Daniel Moi, he was sent into dentetion and many were like; RAILA IS FINISHED!

2. After 1997 elections, Raila emerged 3rd in the presidential, he however retained his Langata parliamentary seat – RAILA IS FINISHED

3. After the KANU and NDP merger in 1999-RAILA IS FINISHED

4. After 2002 elections and falling out with President Kibaki’s inner Kitchen cabinet, Raila the then Roads Minister was presumed FINISHED!

5. After the 2007 elections subsequent rigging and post election violence and Kibaki being sworn in at night- RAILA IS FINISHED

6. After the 2013 elections & Uhuruto fake victory-KAILA IS FINISHED

7. After the 2017 elections and the subsequent #Resist campaigns and extra judicial killings of NASA supporters by the Police- RAILA IS FINISHED

8. After the the March 9th Handshake- RAILA IS FINISHED!

9. After the unveiling of the BBI Report at the Bomas of Kenya in November 2019- RAILA IS FINISHED !

Well, Baba is standing strong perhaps the best political tactician ever lived in our time !


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