Prophet Owuor, fake healers go missing, Murkomen, Ngunjiri, Sudi disappear as Coronavirus rages on

The forest is on fire
Grasshoppers may not find time to bid each other goodbye
When you don’t meet any grasshopper, just conclude it was consumed by the flames
A lion has invaded a kraal and anyone telling you not to worry isn’t being honest
Everyone has a right to panic, but you must not panic so much
Contrary to what you hear coronavirus has a vaccine that has been tested and found to be very effective in preventing the disease
The vaccine is stay at home

Still on coronavirus, a blame game is on. The rich man is blaming the poor man for roaming the market and refusing to self quarantine while the hoof eater is accusing the beef eater of importing this thing from abroad

Meanwhile Jehova Wanyonyi remains AWOL. He is working from home, observing a self quarantine, hiding in his home in the sky, just like the other gods, imported and local, at this particular time, when their followers need them most
“Amepiga kichaka” leaving his followers “wajipange”

But anyway, Wanyonyi works in mysterious ways beyond the comprehension of man, and he will bring this thing to an end

Wuhan has had zero new infections for the last one week and Italy has recorded a reduction in mortality in the last two days. Even the darkest night has a dawn.

Someone is asking what hoof eaters will eat, incase we come to a total lockdown
My good friend and former deskmate at Likuyani Primary, Waithira Wa Gitonga, opines that more hoof eaters will die of hunger than those who will die of COVID-19

Whichever the case, you now understand why Wanyonyi brought locusts
To supplement Wanyonyi’s efforts, the government should mill the millions of bags it keeps on it’s strategic reserve and distribute it at subsidized rates or absolutely free, to cushion the millions of hoof eaters from a looming starvation when we get to a total lockdown, which seems very inevitable as the only way to stop the spread of the deadly COVID-19

Otherwise expect a social disorder and escalation of crime
We all know too well the capabilities of a hungry man, he can be very dangerous
In other news, COVID-19 knows no beef eater. It is an equaliser. We are all united in trembling like a poplar tree. We will all be buried by 15 people
It has brought us together

Good morning my fellow Southerners!!