President Uhuru bans Skiza tunes and Viusasa

President Uhuru Kenyatta has banned service providers Viusasa, Skiza and has directed the Interior ministry to ensure broadcasters meet all their obligations in paying tariffs.

In his address from State House in Mombasa County that witnessed a reshuffle in his cabinet, Uhuru stated that it was within his power to have all right holders receive royalties.

In addition, he directed that all payment of royalties in regards to local content be channeled through the Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO).

“Skiza and Viusasa will be eliminated because they sit outside the collection management organizations. I direct the Interior Ministry to ensure PSV, hotels, broadcasters, meet all their obligations in paying tariffs. This will be for renewing licences,” he said.

In response to music, the Head of State indicated that producers would be given the authority to directly use the platforms.

Kenyatta ordered the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to work together with stakeholders in the music industry to resolve wrangles that have encumbered the rights issues.

He also acknowledged talents and music in general, affirming that Kenyans are a talented lot who needed to have higher returns and their investments to pay off after putting too much into it.

“Kenyans are talented and music industry lucrative. They are getting low returns and we must allow their investments to pay off. I believe that in this way we can do exceptionally well. I direct the ICT ministry to work with stakeholders to resolve the legacy issues that have plagued the rights issue,” said Uhuru.