“Poor People Are Immune To Coronavirus”

Controversial Puebla governor, Miguel Barbosa has fed himself to the lions after he made an unnecessary statement about the victims of the novel coronavirus pandemic in puebla, Mexico.

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The governor who spoke to the press revealed that poor people like him are immune to the virus hence the reason why only wealthy people in puebla are reported to have been infected with the virus. He said.. “Those who are infected right now, … the majority are well-to-do people, eh? If you’re rich, you’re at risk. If you’re poor, no. Us poor folks are immune,” 

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The governor’s assets does not go in line with him claiming to be one of the poor people of puebla. He owns two houses, one of which is valued at 10 million pesos (US $430,000), and three vehicles with an estimated value of more than 2.5 million pesos.

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Barbosa’s comment on the disease affecting only rich people were met with insults from people around the world. Some scientist and top government officials have branded him an idiot for making such stupid comment. Puebla has 38 confirmed cases whilst the country, Mexico has 475 confirmed.