Palace guards beat residents wearing white outfits in Sunyani amid ‘Omanhemaa’ funeral rite(video) »

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A video fast making rounds on social media as sighted by captures about seven palace guards beating two residents of Sunyani who were seen wearing black and white attire during the funeral rite of Omanhemaa.

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As custom demands, every native or resident must be in an all-black outfit when walking in the streets of Sunyani to mourn their Queen who passed on not long ago and that must be obeyed by all.

In the video, two (2) men who were seen wearing a white-colored shirt instead of a black outfit were mercilessly whipped by the palace guards. They had to run for their lives.

One passerby who saw the beatings calmly removed his white-colored shirt and hurriedly took to is heels. (more than Usain Bolt)

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Watch the Video:

The ‘Doteyie’ (pre-burial funeral) and internment rites of the late ‘Omanhemaa’ (paramount Queen) of Sunyani, Nana Yaa Nyamaa Poduo II, is scheduled from the evening of Tuesday, February 25 to Sunday, March 1, this year.