Otile Brown Shames Kenyan Promoter Using His Name to Hype Kids’ Event – Daily Active

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Some mean promoters are fond of lying to people by using names of big brands to hype and sell event tickets which some are nothing but fake events.

Otile Brown is the recent victim of the scammers who are using his name to hype an upcoming event.

While warning his fans, Otile took to his Instagram account and shamed the promoter who have printed his name among the performing artists in an upcoming kids’ event poster which will be held at Salama Children’s Home with his consent.

Chaguo la Moyo hitmaker who is breathing fire told the Just Love Family Group’s event organizers that it was wrong to lie especially to kids.

Otile went ahead to ask help from his fans to verify if the Children home truly exists so that he can attend and if he will be held up, he will try and fix time to go visit the kids since they are looking forward to seeing him during the event.

“🚨 Scum 🚨 Don’t lie to the kids man🤦‍♂️.. this is wrong and since this kids are looking forward to see me on that day I’ll try and fix time and go see them inshaallah 🙏 (if I’ll be available) and if I’ll be held up , i can come another day – that is if the☝️ children home actually exists therefore please reach out to us via that number on my bio #OB#Obaridaa#justinlovemusic#wegotnothingbutlove”, he wrote.

Otile Brown is currently one of the biggest artists in Kenya and his fans will flock an event that he will be performing maybe thats te reason why the just in love family group used included his name in their event’s poster.


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