ON Fidel Odinga, Miguna is a doomed voyage, Raila is altruistic

By Onyango Ochieng jnr via fb

Assuming MIGUNA MIGUNA is RIGHT that “Fidel was not Raila’s son”

Then…. … ladies and gentlemen, I must salute Raila for being a kindhearted man, who is so so so selfless.

Raising a kid that expensively and affording him the best money can offer knowing fully that their is no any single blood relation is no mean feat.

Actually, the towering emotional wreck, Miguna, is unknowingly raising some issue about Raila’s personal character that many of you (including me) missed. He was streniously saying that Raila’s heart is BIGGER than a WHALE. Actually, bigger than an entire county! Raila’s heart should be gazzeted as a mobile county! County number 48.

Those of us, who listen to what people never say, will tell you that if Miguna thought he was burying Raila, he forgot that Raila is a seed. Do you see those many bushes in your villages, they were planted by squirrels with the mind of Miguna. These squirrels buried those seeds to ‘finish’ them, and that’s why we have bushes allover.

That said: Fidel’s biggest worry was always his father’s security. Those of you who met Raila from 2008, will admit this. This is the reason Fidel had an armory at home. He had over 3000 bullets and very serious fire serpents that can spit hellfire. There was this fear in him that some snipers would one day take out his father due to political differences.

However, Miguna is in deep trouble. His scandalous son, BIKO, is facing charges of serial rape, molesting women and petty crimes and low voltage terrorism. Let’s pray for him.


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