NETFLIX & WOOF: Bingeing is for the Dogs (and Cats)

Love for our pets has reached epic heights – special pet taxi services in Mumbai, sick leave for dogs in Italy, emotional support peacocks in the US – so it should come as no surprise that our four-legged friends (and feathered ones too) have infiltrated our entertainment habits as well. According to a new survey released today by Netflix, when it comes to watching TV, most South African’s (64%) find pets to be the ideal binge partner.

Let’s face it, watching a show with someone else can sometimes have its downsides, like being spoiled or getting cheated on. Not only do pets not hog the remote or judge your entertainment tastes (well, maybe), they make the perfect partners for the company, the cuddles (38% locals have turned to their furry friends for comfort during a sad or scary scene) and even the conversation (30% of South Africans have talked to their pet about the show or movie they were watching).

Though you should be warned that pet bingeing can also be ruff. More than a half of respondents (52%) have moved where they were sitting so their pet would be more comfortable, 23% have bribed them with treats to watch longer, and some (16%) have even gone as far as turning off a show because their pet didn’t appear to like it. The snuggle is real.

So what are the shows South Africans are barking, meowing and chirping about? Dog owners are more likely to choose an action like Narcos and Marvel’s Daredevil. Cat owners purr-fer sci-fi series like Black Mirror and Star Trek Discovery. Meanwhile, bird lovers are egged on by comedies like Orange is the New Black. The one show that brings all streaming species together… Stranger Things (#justiceformews).

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