Moi Killed thousands, should rot in hell- Miguna Miguna

By Miguna Miguna via fb

Moi exceeded the looter and killer Jomo Kenyatta in every category of excess. Jomo Kenyatta grabbed hundreds of thousands of acres of public land; Moi GOBBLED millions of them. Kenyatta killed Pio Pinto, Mboya, Kodhek, Karumba and JM Kariuki; Moi killed thousands. #RotInHellMoi

Kenyatta killed KADU and made Kenya a DE FACTO one-party tyranny; Moi buried all opposition parties and made Kenya a DE-JURE one man and one party tyranny. Moi BANNED all progressive and revolutionary books from universities. He created the mess that is Kenya now. #RotInHellMoi

Kenyatta imposed the Kiambu Mafia on Kenyans and publicly stated that the Mafia was free to steal and rob banks “as long as you are not caught.” Moi created the Kalenjin Mafia and publicly told them that they were free to kill and steal even if they were caught. #RotInHellMoi

Moi and his henchmen grabbed everything in Kenya including public toilets. When Moi was imposed on Kenyans by Njonjo and the Cabals, we had thriving public institutions including clean and functioning health services, high quality public schools, colleges and universities; Kenya Bus Services; profitable parastatals. Unemployment among high school, college and university graduates was zero. It is Moi who created the high unemployment; unimaginable homelessness, landlessness, insecurity, tribalism and intolerance in Kenya. He grabbed, massacred and destroyed them within two decades.

Moi created over 50% of the existing mess you see in Kenya.



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