Meet The Vortex Team Who Are Preserving African Culture Through Comics


Have you ever played a Video fighting game and be like “Oh I wish I could use Sango, or Ogun, or one of our popular African deities”? 

Bidjgogo Battle


Have you ever watched a super hero movie and been like “We should really have our own African characters saving the day”? 

Image: Git Hub

Image: Git Hub


You may have just found the guys you’re looking out for. Say hello to Vortex!

Vortex is a creative content company passionate about exporting African culture and consciousness through the media of comics & cartoons. They have been in business since 2013 but started actively publishing in 2015 and in the past year they have published 31 comics! Yes, you have been under a rock!

These guys are crazy about comics, animation and have even gone into the theatre! What’s next? Movies and games for sure!



According to Somto Ajuluchukwu who is the founder and creative director,

We believe culture is our identity as a people and the most unique thing we can give the world. We also believe that media is our window to telling our own story to the world and control the image of our people, sharing who we really are and not a perception, also a means of registering our identity as Africans to a young generation and the ones in diaspora as well


Although the Vortex has a mass of amazing comics and a few animated content, what calls me home for this is this new title based on African mythology which they call ETERNALS. This comic already has a theatre adaptation and has exposed African mythology and history like never before in a concise and original manner, still keeping our cultural elements alive.

Eternals Play Flier


Eternal - Main Cover


ETERNAL is a story of passion, power, love and wait for it …. WAR! It starts off with an ongoing war between Amadioha & Sango (both gods of lightning but different tribes in African mythology) which is destroying the lands. Now the comic gives us a glimpse into each of the scenarios but one you may find interesting is the new council of gods called the 3rd Conclave this seems like a makeshift union of gods set up by Ayan’wu (a prominent character in the comic) to fix all going wrong! This is a must read guys! Our culture is finally making it into media by Africans

We wanted to share our child hood fantasies and knowledge of our mature of Africa at the same time; people need to know the true story of our mythology and history as African people – Yusuf Temitope (Artist on Eternal Project).

Page 1 Vortex


Eternals is a huge step into the diversity of comics as Vortex have thrown themselves into the heart of the concept maintaining the originality and not altering the looks or abilities of these deities to suit any society. The guys at Vortex have spent over 3 months doing research in study and travel to drive this project. Even with the spotlight on their superhero genre by the BBC, Okay Africa, and NBC news the team seems to focus on churning out core African initiatives like Ojuju, Eternals, and many others in the opposite direction.

African culture is for everyone, in fact, 2 major art pieces on the project were done by the non-African artist, we put them through the drill of research as well and they with us now, Europe too can suffer brain drain! – Murewa Ayodele, Lead Research Eternals

Page 6



In all of this, you should look forward to reading Eternals and check out their other titles here 

You should also keep up with their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram 

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