KUWTK Filming Stopped, Kim Wants Out!



Is it true that “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” is being cancelled?

A flurry of reports claim that the show is being immediately stopped after#Kim Kardashian was robbed inside her Paris apartment on Sunday. The Kardashian family reportedly hasn’t filmed anything since the robbery.

Kim Kardashian rocked by robbery

An insider tells Radar Online that Kim doesn’t want to film the show and only wants to be in LA to focus on her marriage and children. The robbery shook her up pretty bad and she’s not interested in exposing herself to the masses as she did before the traumatic incident in which five masked robbers tied up Kim and made off with $10 million of her jewelry.

Radar’s source added that Kris Jenner blames herself over her daughter’s robbery for being greedy. She and the rest of the family have agreed to ceasefilming of “KUWTK” in the aftermath of the ordeal. Furthermore, E! is also supportive of the decision to stop filming of the show since everyone’s main concern right now is Kim’s well-being. Does this mean that “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” is being cancelled? Gossip Cop reports that it’s true the show is on hiatus, but it’s not indefinitely. No one knows when the show will resume filming, but it’s taking a break from its normal schedule so Kim Kardashian can just refrain from being in the public eye.

 Materialistic life not as important to Kim?

Another report on TMZ claims that Kim was so upset by what happened that her views on materialism and flaunting her wealth have also changed. The reality star is known for posting photos of herself weighed down with flashy diamonds and other bling, but the Paris robbery rattled her to the core. Friends say she’s trying to regroup and get away from the spotlight, which is saying a lot. Kim isn’t one to shy away from a camera or attract media attention. She thrives on it and it has become a part of her glitzy brand of over-indulgence.

Fans of the show can relax. It doesn’t look like “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” is being cancelled. The show comes back to E! on October 23. #Television#Reality TV


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