I don’t worry about my safety anymore- Activist Boniface Mwangi

By Boniface Mwangi via fb
I don’t worry about my safety anymore. I used to worry about it many times. I used to worry that they’re going to kill me, that I’ll leave my family. I had this talk with my wife and the kids: that you shall all die eventually. If you worry about your death, you become ineffective—because you die so many times in your mind, because you live in fear. If you think about change, and you think about life in terms of that you’re going to die—we shall all die! The good guys, the bad guys, the rich, the poor, we’ll all die.

The question is: What are you going to do between now and your death? Wake up every day and say, “Today I’m going to make a difference. Today I’m going to live my life.” You can never achieve anything without courage. And so you must have courage. The courage to live a life, the courage to love yourself, the courage to do right, the courage to care, the courage to believe that you are not insignificant. The courage to believe that you can make a difference.

So you just say, “Today I’m going to be the best person I can be in my life.” And if death comes, you’ll find you’re ready to go. It’s true. Maybe the next life is going to be better.

So let’s not worry about death, people. Let’s not worry. You know, fear makes you become paralyzed. Fear is the reason why we don’t do right. Because if you are being judged, if you’re being called names, you fear all these things. But when you’re dead, who cares? You’re dead! You’re gone. It’s true, man. You’re done!

So don’t live in the fear of dying. Live your life every single day. Live every day like you’re going to die. I die. You die. So live your life.


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