“I Can Sue them for Defamation’

Artistes such as Criss Waddle, Jedu-Blay Ambolley and D-Black have accused Obour of mismanagement, calling on Ghanaians not to vote for him.

In his reaction, Obour said anybody who sought to judge him on his presidency needed to remember the state MUSIGA was in before he took over as its president and what he had done to change the image of the union.

He told ABC News, “I came to MUSIGA with a plan and to the best of my understanding and to the best of my abilities, I executed the plan fully.”

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I can sue them for defamation but I feel strongly that people who are discerning will not just join the bandwagon. We know that if people are corrupt, they are prosecuted and I think the whole musician body cannot be fooled. Supposing it is some group saying this, we have the whole musician body.”

Reacting to campaign against his parliamentary ambition by some of his colleagues which included Criss Waddle and D-Black, Obour said the people of Asante Akyem and by extension Ghanaians were discerning and could decide who to vote for in the upcoming NPP primaries