How Mariga and Hon. Nixon Korir are fooling Kibra residents

By Philip Nyamai via fb

I saw McDonald Mariga and his team of campaigners yesterday telling the people of Kibra how Mariga, a man who will not vote for himself, will be nurturing talents by flying them out of the country if he wins.
Langata MP Nixon Korir, his campaign chairman, went further to hoodwink the people of Kibra that Mr Mariga will soon bring the best scouts worldwide including those he played with in Italy etc etc to pick talents there.

You all know Mariga will not win the Kibra by-election, the best he’ll emerge after spending DP Ruto’s questionable money well is distant two or three.

Again, who said you have to be MP to nurture talents? I challenge Mariga to plan working with the Handshake candidate Benard Otieno Okoth in nurturing more talents there.

All we want to see is a progressive country. Hii kitu haitaki hasira.


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