‘How Can I Ask Ms Forson To Divorce Her Husband? I Can’t Do That’

Bullet in a recent interview has described the allegations made against him by Ms Forson that he made her divorce her husband as false.

Reacting to that particular allegation, Bullet said;

“How can I do that? I respect marriage so much. I mean, what God has put together who am I to put asunder.”

However, Bullet revealed that he asked Ms Forson’s husband only one request and that one request was he asked Ms Forson and her husband sign a document that can allow her to go to work when it is needed regardless of the time and day.

“I was scared for my investment so I asked her to tell her husband to be part of it. She came to tell me that her husband says he wouldn’t sign the agreement.

But I went ahead, invested in her and was hoping that her husband comes to join.

When she was leaving she didn’t tell me, because we were still talking, we had recorded songs, and did lots of things together,” he added.

Source: www.ghgossip.com



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