Here is Gifty Anti’s Reaction After Testing Negative For Coronavirus Following Mandatory Quarantine

Popular television broadcaster, Gifty Anti who was placed under mandatory quarantine following her exposure to the new coronavirus has tested negative for the virus.

Gifty Anti was exposed to the coronavirus while on a trip to the UK.

The test results on Gifty Anti’s sample were confirmed to her on Wednesday, March 25, 2020.

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She took to her Facebook page and said,



Some of you have asked me how I felt when I was told “your test came out negative” 😳🙆🏽‍♀️

Errrmmm, To those of you who have asked me to write another book on my Quarantine experience, I am starting the writing tonight!!


But let tell you this, between “hello I am Dr..”. to the end of the 5 minutes conversation, I lost 5 kilos!! Sharp. Chai!!

Don’t laugh my paddy!!! Don’t joke with this uncle corona virus!!

We must fight it together!! We must defeat it big time and fast too!!

Stay safe!!! Practice the protocols. Don’t spread fear and panic!!!

Say a prayer for those who have tested positive and those waiting for their results.

God is healing our Land!!! Believe it.

Love you plenty.