Governor Waititu is eating a humble pie after disrespecting the president, constitution

By Philip Nyamai via fb
The case of Governor Waititu is a perfect example of a say that goes, “Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones” or “A person who sell eggs in the market should not start a war.”

The Waititu you see today being ejected from Mashujaa Day celebrations in Mombasa two days after he was kept in economy class in a SGR the President used to Suswa last week is the same Waititu who used to invite DP Ruto to church functions in Kiambu and parts of Central to criticise the handshake, BBI and President Kenyatta. They were already campaigning for 2022. He forgot that he was living in a glass house.

Within the few years Waititu served as Kiambu Governor close to Ksh1 billion got lost. Out of this amount about ksh600 million was diverted to his personal accounts, that of his wife and daughter just like he advised the government on the riparian land that they should move the rivers a little bit. Waititu alisongeza pesa za uma kwa accounts zake. Greed has ensured he has no peace of mind. Even the President himself does not want to set his eyes on him.

This is what should happen to some of those governors from Nyanza, western and all the regions where we have corrupt individuals serving as Governors. Waititu is now limited. He has exhausted all the options he had including avoiding DP Ruto in the day.


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