Ghanaian Gospel Musician Walks Out Of Studio Because A Nigerian Musician Was To Be Interviewed Before Her

Tempers rose high on Accra FM on Sunday, January 22 – making one Ghanaian gospel musician Abena Ruthy, who went to the station for promotional interview, walk out of the studio because a Nigerian musician was to be interviewed before her – as observed by

Abena Ruthy

Abena Ruthy, who is expected to launch her second album, “Higher Praise” on Sunday, January 29 at the National Theater in Accra was on the show, Gospel 360, as part of her media tour to promote the event. Minutes into the interview, Andy Favoured, host of the show’s plan to surprise Abena Ruthy with a birthday song was well executed by one fast rising Nigerian musician called Minister Igwe.

After Minister Igwe’s performance, Andy Favoured asked his guest, Abena Ruthy to hold on her breath for him to interview the Nigerian for few minutes because he was also on the show to premiere his new single.

The banker who doubles as musician had no problem with the request but her manager, Kwasi Ernest went mad after he heard the plea. The boss of Media Excel Production could not fathom why host of the show would stop interviewing his artiste and promote a Nigerian musician.


Angry Kwasi Ernest argued that host of the show should finish his chat with Abena Ruthy before focusing on the Nigerian because two artistes cannot be promoted intermittently but his petition was not honoured. According to the furious manager, no Nigerian presenter would halt an interview with his fellow countryman to interview a Ghanaian.

Producers of the show did all their best to cool him down but Kwasi Ernest insisted their action was wrong so he will not allow his artiste to continue the interview.

He later asked his artiste to walk out of the studio to allow Andy Favoured interview the Nigerian. Abena Ruthy who did not want to disobey his manager heed to his order. They drove off the premises of the Class Media Group-owned radio station even before the show ended.

Manager Kwasi Ernest




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