Finally!!! Beyoncé shows off the twins‚ but the hive wants so much more

Beyoncé finally gave the world what they wanted when she showed off never before seen snaps of her twins Sir and Rumi this week.

Bey‚ who is more private than the VVIP section at Taboo‚ flashed a couple of pics of her babies during the opening night of her On The Run Tour with hubby Jay-Z.

Beyoncé famously shared a regal snap of herself holding the twins after their birth‚ but she hid their faces from view during the shoot.

While those at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff‚ Wales were apparently not given the code for the WiFi‚ the Twitter streets were filled with footage and snaps from the concert. And they were stanning HARD!

But‚ Bey‚ now that we’ve got to “see the twins”‚ fans have a few more requests‚ including a full presentation on what happened in the elevator and a replacement for Jay. They don’t mind holding…

What really went down in THAT elevator? The couple may have arrived in a open elevator but the disciples won’t be happy until they get a full HD‚ surround sound‚ 3D version of what happened during the fight in the elevator almost four years ago.

When we dropping an album? The people want new music‚ Bey! They can’t be distracted with side shows. Do better‚ boo.

Jay-Z I love you man… But I think you gotta sit #OTRII out Dawg… Stay at home and take care of the kids!

We see you bruh, and you sounded tired.

You were the signal…

— Emotional Labour Force (@MixedByQ) April 15, 2018
Maybe a Destiny’s Child reunion tour?

Is it too late to cancel the #OTRII tour and replace it with a Destiny’s Child reunion instead?


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