Everything you need to know about non-disclosure in medical aid

Non-disclosure is withholding information during the risk assessment when joining a medical aid. This could lead to your medical aid membership being terminated when you need it most.

Non-disclosure is when you or your dependents, intentionally or unintentionally, don’t disclose or give certain details when you complete the application form to join a medical scheme or gap cover service provider. Sandy van Dijl, KwaZulu-Natal branch head at Alexander Forbes Health discusses why it’s important to fully disclose your medical health details to your insurer.

Medical schemes and gap cover service providers require you to provide all medical information about you and your dependents on the application form. It’s very important when you join a medical scheme or gap cover product to disclose all medical conditions you may have had or for which you or your dependents currently receive medical treatment or advice for.

What will happen if you don’t disclose all medical information on the application form?


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