DP Ruto found guilty of grabbing 100 acres of land

High Court ruling on Friday, 28th June 2013 was the biggest miscarriage of Justice in this nation’s history. It epitomized judicial rascality. It painted a clear picture of elite justice where the poor WIN by losing! And the elite LOSE by WINNING. DP Ruto was found guilty and ordered to return 100acres of land he violently stole from Adrian Gilbert Ayisi Muteshi and pay further Ksh. 5 MILLION damage to his crops(as at the time he took the land) . But recall Ruto had cumulatively used the land for 5 years! He had greedily milked it to get the most of out it- just like the way a Ben 10 sleeping with someone’s wife carpet-bombs her waist to ensure nothing absolutely left inside her for the husband. In as much as I thank the Judge for wipping Muteshi’s tears, Ksh 5 MILLION was a rulling that only rewarded Ruto for his economic attrocities. For the first time this action debunked the myth that “crime does not pay”. Planting Maize in Kitale on 100 acres for 5 years gets you how much? The proceeds is what uses in church Harambee to bribe heaven for forgiveness. That’s why when he went to Murang’a, the issue was water : He didn’t dig boreholes, he went straight to church, and stupidly tried to bribe God. His logic was, the people would then go to church and pray for water….


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