Chadwick Boseman: James Brown spoke to me from beyond the grave

Chadwick Boseman has claimed that the ghost of James Brown spoke to him from beyond the grave to give him his blessing to portray him in 2016 biopic “Get on Up”.

The “Black Panther” star played funk legend Brown in the 2016 biopic and after fretting over whether he should accept director Tate Taylor’s offer he claims the ‘ghost’ of the ‘It’s A Man’s World’ singer – who died on Christmas Day 2006 at the age of 73 – spoke to him to tell him he was “going to be good”.

In an interview on the “The Graham Norton Show”, he said: “I had a lot of questions about playing James Brown. I’d actually said no to the role a few times. But after I accepted I was really worried about his movement, his walk, his voice, all of it. I went to sleep one night and when I woke up I was kind of doing his voice and ‘he’ said, ‘You’re going to be good, but you ain’t going to be better than me!'”


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