Bra making experts talk size and comfort

A perfect fitting bra, looking sexy and feeling good is what every woman needs and deserves. However, more often than not, women focus more on the latter than the former.

All too often women complain about back pains, cage-like constrictions which make them want to rip the bra off the second they walk through the door in the evenings.  

Weekend Argus spoke to bra-making experts who believe that a properly fitting bra not only offers comfort but also has health benefits and can minimise the risk of breast cancer in many women.

Every woman deserves to feel gorgeous in underwear. Unfortunately, there is a level of engineering that is required for a bra designed to hold up a heavier bust, so there is no navigating away from certain elements such as full coverage and broader straps.

According to Faye Blumerfeld, a bra maker from Durban, a trend of women moving away from a wired bra has been seen. 


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