Black Coffee opens up about separating with Enhle via email

Image: Instagram

DJ Black Coffee divulged more details regarding the deterioration of his relationship with Enhle Mbali. 

Speaking to City Press, the “Drive” producer revealed that he had tried everything to save his marriage, but since they couldn’t see eye-to-eye he suggested in an email that they should go their separate ways.

“In April this year, I sent a lengthy e-mail to her in which I suggested that we should separate and she should find a place to stay with the kids and I would pay for it. I did that because I wanted us to improve our marriage and to be more involved with them. But she declined the offer”, he said. 

Other reports have also surfaced that the producer has allegedly fathered two kids, aged 12 and 14 months, from two different women.

This is allegedly the straw that broke the camel’s back leading Enhle to file for divorce. 

Tweeps again weighed in on the new information and placed their support behind Enhle. 

Enhle previously confirmed the divorce rumours in November with a post on her Instagram page. 

In the video, Enhle confessed that when she was previously asked by journalists about the state of her relationship she would usually say no comment. She goes on to say that she saw the Sunday World article regarding their divorce and confirmed that it is happening and that she has filed papers. 

Enhle further asked for space regarding questions about the divorce and that she believes that judiciary system will do what is fair.

The “Sincerely Yours” host follows this by saying that over the years in her marriage she was lonely and tired of being a supportive wife that has been respectful to Black Coffee and everyone who is around him.


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