BBI report is ready- Yusuf Haji led taskforce reveals

Handshake driven Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) advisory task force, has officially concluded its assignment.

The team, under the chairmanship of Garissa Senator Yusuf Haji, held its last formal meeting on Wednesday to adopt a raft of recommendations they arrived at, on resolving 9 key issues; ethnic antagonism, lack of national ethos, inclusivity, devolution, divisive elections, security, corruption, shared prosperity and responsibility.

In a statement to newsrooms, the BBI task force said its report has been finalised and is ready for submission to President Kenyatta “at the first available opportunity.”

“The Building Bridges for National Unity Advisory Taskforce held its last formal sitting on 23rd October 2019, to make a final assessment of the completed report. The task force has the privilege to inform Kenyans that this important initiative has been completed.

“The Joint Secretaries have officially communicated to the Office of the President that the Building Bridges Initiative report is ready for a handing over to H.E the President. They have received word that the event will be scheduled at the first available opportunity,” reads a statement by the team’s joint secretaries Amb. Martin Kimani and Mr. Paul Mwangi.

While contents of the report remain subject to public speculation, the task force noted that the report will be a basis of “positive and far-reaching change,” that Kenyans urgently need.

According to the BBI team, the report “takes into account the views of Kenyans from all walks of life in all 47 counties testimonies and petitions from professional bodies, constitutional commissions, civil society organizations, religious leaders and associations, business associations and business leaders and elected leaders.”

“Having heard how urgently Kenyans seek positive and far-reaching change, the Taskforce believes that Kenyan can utilize this auspicious moment to build the bonds between us and that will become a strong foundation for an inclusive, fair and prosperous nation,” said the team.

Some of the proposals that were submitted during the BBI sittings include expanding the executive by creating a prime minister’s slot with two deputies, increasing devolved share of resources to 40% of the national budget, tightening the noose on corrupt public officers and picking cabinet ministers from parliament.

Recommendations to alter the system of government, devolution and bill of rights will necessitate amendments to the constitution, through a referendum.

Kenyatta and Odinga have since urged Kenyans to support BBI findings.

The BBI team will await for the President to return from his trip to Japan and Russia to hand in its report.


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