Another Break Up?- Wife Of Choirmaster Reveals Praye Has Sidelined Her Husband

One of the finest music groups Ghana has ever produced, Praye could slump into hibernation again two years after coming together following their long split.

And just like what we witnessed with Wutah, the group could split for the second time after visible cracks emerged from their camp, which has been revealed by the wife of Eugene Baah aka Choirmaster.

Wife of the leader of the group, Beverly Afaglo has claimed Big J and Kente have secretly being going on a tour and other commercial ventures without the knowledge of her husband.

Beverly, a former Ghanaian actress revealed her frustration on Uncut Show with Zion Felix this week.

Beverly Afaglo disclosed in an interview that the other pair have been embarking on some business deals without her husband’s involvement.

She emphasised that Praye campaigned for the ruling party in Ghana-NPP prior to the 2016 elections but Choirmaster wasn’t part.

Beverly said after the group came back together, the NPP party has been taking Praye to places that they don’t go with Choirmaster and she doesn’t know why, adding, maybe his colleagues decided to do so because of the money involved.





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