Akothee reveals millions she’s paid per event

Popular Kenyan musician Esther Akoth alias Akothee has revealed that she charges not less than Sh1 million to perform at events.

The ‘Sweet love’ hitmaker claimed during an interview with Radio Citizen’s Mambo Mseto that she is not only the biggest influencer but also the highest-paid musician in Kenya.

Akothee was talking about her financial success as an artist for this year where she claimed she has earned big from ambassadorial deals with various companies in the country.

Some of the companies that Akothee has worked with as an ambassador include; Silverstone airways, Peptang and HRH.

“I have been involving myself in a lot of things because right now I am busy building my brand that has earned me good cheques which I appreciate. I have received chques from various companies including SIlverstone HRH, Techno, and right now we have Peptang. So I can say the year 2019 has been a success as an artiste,” she stated.

(Nimekuwa nikijishughulisha na mambo mengi, kwa sababu saa hizi niko busy kubuild my brand ambayo nimekuwa nikipokea cheques nzuri nzuri nashukuru. Nimekuwa nikipokea cheque kutoka kwa hizi makampuni kuanzia huku SIlverstone HRH, Techno, saa hii sasa tuko Peptang. So nitasema kwamba mwaka wangu wa 2019 kama mwanamziki nitasema kwamba nimekita na I have achieved),” Akothee stated during the interview.


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