5 Different Ways To Rock A Plain White Tee

Who says you can’t be both simple and chic at once?

A plain white Tee is one of those simple yet elegant outfits. A white Tee can elevate your style status from fashionista to fashion goddess. It’s really that versatile.

A white tee is one outfit every girl should own. Here’s how to rock your white tee to keep slaying:

1. With a blazer

Do you know you can throw a blazer or jacket over your white tee? The white tee can totally rock a white tee to work. Just throw on a jacket of any colour and you’re good to go.

White tee with blazer and ankara pants

Image: Pinterest


2. Blue jeans

Everyone is aware of the love affair of blue jeans and white tees. It’s classic but still fresh and chic in this modern age. Even Queen Bey gets in on this old but gold combo.

Beyonce on white tee and blue jeans

Image: JadeAfrican


3.  Floral skirts

Rather than going for a blouse or some other kind of top, go for a white tee. It works just as well on a floral skirt even on Ankara skirts.

White tee on ankara skirt

Image: Pinterest


4.  Overalls

You remember those denim overalls right? They’re making a comeback. Get into the spirit of the trend with a cute white tee.

White tee with denim overalls

Image: BellaNaija


5.  The all white ensemble

In really hot weather, an all white ensemble can help

White tee on white pants

Image: BellaNaija


Ladies, how do you rock your own white tee?



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