The MPs will spend night allowance in Koinange street, harlots! -Hon. Kabogo

Speaking to Citizen Radio on Wednesday, July 10, Kabogo noted MPs had enough money and the allowances they were pushing for would only be squandered along Koinange Street.

” Why should we pay them night allowance, so that they go on Koinange Street. Didn’t they know their pay when they were campaigning for these seats?” posed Kabogo

The ex governor vowed to challenge the MPs’ clamour for the hefty perks in court arguing it was unconstitutional and oppressive to Kenyans who elected them in office.

” They have the constitution and they know what it dictates, we will not let them get away with it. I will challenge it in court,” he added

Former Kakamega senator Boni Khalwalwe had shared a similar stand in a separate interview where he accused lawmakers of “developing a celebrity mindset” and were doing everything to sustain such a lifestyle.

Khalwale claimed majority of parliamentarians prefered hanging around classy and high-end restaurants in Nairobi to finding time to mingle with their electorates in the villages.

“The MPs will soon be demanding for the helicopter because they want to avoid the jam. There is no reason for going for five-star hotels when you can hang out in local joints where you can spend less,” he said.

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria also opposed the move saying it was unjustifiable and if it were to be effected, then he would channel the money to a hospital in his constituency.