Rift valley MP arming 10,000 tribal youth militia ahead of 2022

There could be danger if information doing round is true.
A non indegenous MP from Rift Valley is said to be arming 10,000 tribal youth militia to help his favourite candidate in 2022.
Although the name is not yet out , residents are pleading with directorate criminal investigations department and National intelligence service to speed up their work and save lives , destroy the plans of warlords.

According to our inside source, the Mp could be a member of the Tanga Tanga team.

” I am in receipt of seriously and dangerously incriminating information about a non indigenous MP from Rift valley who is purported to be arming a 10,000 tribal youth militia. I am sifting through the information and will make updates accordingly. We must stop all warlords at all costs, including those masquerading as very generous leaders.” Anonymous