Pregnant ‘Skeem Saam’ actress Neo Ramitshana beaten up and strangled by bouncers (Video)

On a day that was supposed to be celebrating and appreciating women, pregnant Skeem Saam actress Neo Ramitshana was allegedly assaulted at a premium restaurant in Pretoria East

“I’m so disgusted, outraged and hurt! What a way to conclude one’s Women’s Day!” the actress wrote of the incident.

“I had decided to go to Altitude in Pretoria particular because I was craving Wors & Pap and I also thought it would be an excellent way to celebrate Women’s Day.”

Upon leaving, she realised that she’d forgotten her food inside and claims that when she returned to retrieve it, the brutal attack occurred.

“As I turn around, I am then grabbed by a mountain of a man (Nigerian looking) – Bouncer! Shouting ‘TAG’, I’m like; “I’m just going to fetch my food I’m leaving. Then I proceed… He then grabs by me by neck, strangling me to pull me so I don’t proceed. I’m then aggravated and shouting “WTF”, and he proceeds to slap me around!”

Read Neo’s full statement below;

Neo then hit back at the restaurant’s version of events

“What investigations are you still doing Altitude when you saw the footage in Black & White!!! What else do you need, what are you investing?” she wrote of their statement to the public.