Phat Joe apologises for transphobic slur

Phat Joe has apologised to listeners and members of the LGBTIQ+ community after he used a “derogatory and transphobic” phrase on his morning show on Radio 2000.

Joe used the word “tranny”, an offensive word for a transgender person, in a conversation about Cardi B on Tuesday.

Cardi B sparked outrage in September 2018 after a meme, showing a man walking through a door next to transphobic slurs was posted to her social media page and went viral. The star blamed a former staff member for the post.

Phat Joe received backlash for using the term earlier this week and on Thursday apologised to listeners and those offended.

“When I used the word I was actually paraphrasing what Cardi B said. She used that particular word and I was chastising her for the message in her video. I did not know that the word was a no-no,” he said on air.