Missing details in Tob Cohen’s murder probe, unanswered questions!

By Abraham Mutai

If you are not reasoning through your emotions and misplaced anger, you will be asking these questions as far as the death of Tob Cohen goes.

1. How is it that the DCI charged Sarah Wairimi for murder at the time when the body of late Tycoon Tob had not been found?

2. How would they pronounce a man who left home with a briefcase dead without a shred of evidence? Did the DCI know something that we don’t?

3. DCI Kinoti and other Kenyans have behaved as though Sarah Wairimu, Cohen’s wife for 30 years, actually killed Cohen, Why?

4. While speaking after discovering the body, DCI boss Kinoti actually was convinced that it was Sarah Wairimu who killed Cohen. Well, I’m not saying she didn’t either, I’m basically wondering what happened to Innocent until proven guilty?

5. If Kinoti the investigative boss is convinced WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE YET that Sarah Wairimu killed Cohen HOW do we expect him to conduct a free and unbiased Investigation?
6. Investigative agents are not allowed to reason through emotions, what Kinoti did yesterday while speaking to the media. Even suspects deserve justice.

7. Emotions will block your judgement and having a pre-formed opinion about Sarah Wairimu will deny her justice as DCI will be working to prove she did it instead of working to FIND the true killers.

I’m just thinking loudly here.