Lessons to learn from billionaire Tob Cohen’s murder in Kitisuru by Kiambu born wife

By Jerome Ogola

It is everyone’s right to fear death, and to fear people who they think may want kill them

However, it doesn’t make much sense to panic, fear being killed or get concerned about being killed by a Kikuyu woman, for money, when you don’t have the money

Why would anyone want to kill a jamaa who borrows from Okash to pay M-shwari and/or Branch and so has absolutely no estate to leave behind for inheritance

Again after killing such a character, where will the body be deposited, yet there is nothing like a septic tank in their compound

His only known property is the anaconda sleeping in the Amazon

Meanwhile, those who have been to Kitisuru should teach us, we Kibera guys, if a septic tank and an underground water tank are the same thing

Lastly Govenor Obado impregnated Sharon, killed her, dumped her body in Kodera forest then went ahead to buy justice, which in Kenya, is peddled like bangi

We must conclude that either Luos are murderers or governors are murderers or Luo governors are are murderers

On other important matters, I wish all Southerners a great morning

The Northerners can get theirs from the septic tank