Kenyans condemn MPs for rallying behind “demonic” sports betting firms

A section of Kenyan leaders have come under heavy criticism from a larger portion of social media users just a day after calling on the government to reverse its decision to withdraw licenses belonging to some of the Betting firms in the country.

Led by nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura together with Kakamega’s Cleophas Malala and a number of MPs, the leaders in a joint press statement urged the government to resolve the stalemate that has seen over 20 betting companies denied operating licences after they were accused of failing to submit tax amounting to Sh61 billion.

The leaders observed that the ban had crippled some sports sectors in the country which were heavily relying on the sponsorship from the affected companies.

The leader also cited looming unemployment expressing fears that those Kenyans employed in the over 20closed down firms will eventually lose their jobs in the long run.

Some of the giant companies affected include SportPesa and Betin, which have been sponsoring local tournaments, including the Kenya Premier League. The companies have so far closed down their operations in Kenya.

Despite the calls to re-open the betting firms, most Netizens could hear none of the leader’s pleas and instead urged the government to tighten the rules even further.

According to most of them, the leaders had their personal interests in the betting companies and were just using unemployment and sponsorship to justify their points.

Many were of the opinions that the closed betting companies remain shut down since most of them had brainwashed most Kenyan youths resulting in laziness and high rate of crimes in the country in search of betting money.