Hon Aden Duale on political DEADWOODS around William Ruto

By Onyango Ochieng Jnr

One such conspicuous public sinner is the incorrigible tyrant representing Garissa Town Constituency- Horrible Aden Duale.

Last year, Garissa County embarked on a path-setting project to sufficiently supply water in the county by first laying pipes through its length and breadth.

Strangely, at night- without compunction- Duale would unleash a vicious gang of unarmed robbers and nation wreckers to Bulla Iftin, Tawakal, Sheikh, Bulla Adan, Bulla Mzuri among others to uproot, destroy and completely vandalize these pipes. Unfortunately, this madness still goes on unabated.

As he unwittingly executes this destructive script from hell, the pompous fool (Duale) forgets that water has no political shade or affiliation. It is a critical basic need and the core service of the county government to her people. In this pea-brained mission, it’s the poor masses made of mothers, youths and the old who can’t afford more expensive options like water bowsers who pay a heavy price of Duale’spolitical banditry.

He has no soul! He has no conscience! He has no milk of human decency flowing in his veins. Duale could even be secretly enlisting international help from hardcore thugs, international terrorists among other economic criminals to completely obliterate every limb of this project; just to wickedly milk the situation for political ‘gains’ by allegedly painting the Governor as incapacitated, incompetent and vindictive.

Dishonest! Dangerous! Despotic!

Such are the scumbags hanging around Ruto!

Such public-forsaken career criminals with a sordid appetite to economically injure society at the slightest opportunity.